Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pop It!

Can't wait to hit the streets,
Where all cash meets,
Excited over these kinda shoes,
Pray hard for no booboos!

Stay safe
Keep calm
Think less

And pop goes the weasel!

richard ardagh • pop! goes the weasel • £75.00

P/S: Is nervousness a sign of preparation? or under-preparation? What do you think?


Angela Gripesalot said...

is late comment, but comment nevertheless! nervousness is a sign you care a lot about the thing for which you're preparing!

(knowing you, it'd be ass-kicking time)

LynnX said...

Dear Angela,

Thanks for your positive feedback :)

This event went well and I came back stronger than ever. It's merely a mind game which I have since conquered mentally and physically...

It is now only a number... Yep, only a number. :)