Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sights, Sounds and Nomnoms of India! (2)

Sago with potatoes and spices.
I like this dish very much. Texture is rubbery yet fun to eat! Normally served with cold yoghurt.

Masala Dosa

The Train (Mumbai-Pune)
The aircon was really strong. Drama on the train ensued when a passenger on the Reserved list took a seat of a Confirmed passenger. Just like in the movies...except no fist-throwing or dancers coming out from the seats.

Care for a Shoe-Shine ?
People even shine their "leather sandals"

Breakfast on the floor

One of the many snack/food stalls at the train station.
Was so tempted to eat something but thought twice about it.

Platform 1 at Dadar CST Station

The porch of Karishma Hotel
Yes, it IS a hotel! 

The Deluxe, Centralized A/C room
Centralized A/C means a regular aircon in the walkway, blowing into the door-top vent of every room!
Definitely not the Centralized A/C we have in our offices!

This is Day 5

As I lay coughing my lungs out in bed the past few days, I felt the whole world collapsing. Each cough flashes a ring of light around my eyeballs. Like a halo. Each cough makes my body curl up so bad, I get cramps in my abdomen & stomach. Each cough, makes me tear and weary. My head hurts. My head, hurts.The throbbing gets worse as the day comes to an end. It is an effort to go to bed. Each night, I thank Him for what I have today especially the people around me.

This is Day 5.

As the nights pass, I think back on the great day I had. Well-spent with friends and most importantly, family. Sometimes I can't help but think, that I'm .... 

As my father's birthday creeps in slowly, I anticipate excitement and perhaps some element of fear. Our parents are getting older and requires more care and concern. Not just physical care but also the psychological part of it.  They've taken care of us for the whole 30 years that we're alive, and it is and always has been our responsibility to take care of them. 

My parents live a healthier life than any of us. They project vigour, strength and energy. I look up to them for inspiration, in hopes to always make them proud of us in anything we do. We cannot let them down. We cannot let ourselves down. Just get the tempo going and don't give up. Appreciate the love and care from the people around us and always give the benefit of the doubt.

Keep striving. Keep walking. Keep.at.it. Life's short. I hope the people around me are loving what they do. Keep the energy in the Universe flowing upwards. Spread the joy, spread the love. 

Live, love, and laugh. For you only live once.

This is Day 5, anticipating Day 6.

Blessed :) 

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sights, Sounds and Nomnoms of India!

The next few pictures show the crowd at Juhu Beach, Mumbai. 
Notice the waves, crowds and their swimming attire.

Naan, paneer and mushroom briyani,

Methi naan & paneer

100% PURE mango juice...more like puree!

Sula Seco Sparkling Wine
Produced in the Valley of Nashik, India

Armenian Beef Stew & Thai Green Curry Chicken
This was a bonus for having TWO meats in a meal! :)

Grilled Vegetable & masala

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Highlights of the week! 051511

For the 2 Hen's WY & MP!

Scruffy, the leg humper

ABC aka Almond Banana Crumble/Cake/Chocolatey 

JT the ever young birthday boy with his Brontosaurus Steak Bone
@ MeatWorks, Solaris Mont Kiara

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Would it change your life If...

...you found out your best friend is bi-polar/suffers from depression yet he/she is in denial?
...the "leading person" of your belief/religion of where you attend weekly, is having an affair?
...someone found out your deepest & darkest secret and is bound to diminish your work/efforts at the workplace?
...you realized your so-called "best-friend" true colours which he/she takes you for granted?
...you realise that he/she is not the one for you although it's "till death do us part"?
...your dreams about a premonition comes true?
...you just found out about a friend's suicide attempt/death?
...you know you have xxx amount of time left to live....?

In the end of the day, these will fade off. Nothing is more important than what you are doing in your own life. As long as you are happy doing what you love, no one can touch you.

Life's too short to live in regret. It waits for no man... Sometimes it's just best to stop asking why, but instead how can I make it better? Be the change in the world, Gandhi said. Change is not easy, but it is possible.

Blessed to be Madam G. :)

Just a week!

Fried bread and dhal

The mountains at Paud

And my best friend, Mr Sien-Looking-Smelly-Fart aka The Buffalo 

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Wedding Vows (W&K)

"First, it was ordained for the increase of mankind according to the will of God and that children might be brought up in the fear and nurture of the Lord and to the praise of his holy name.
Secondly, it was ordained in order that the natural instincts and affections implanted by God should be hallowed and directed to right that those who are called of God to this holy estate should continue therein in pureness of living.
Thirdly, it was ordained for the mutual society, help and comfort that the one ought to have of the other, both in prosperity and adversity."

The Cake...

And, the cake topper...

Hungry! Food time!! :)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

More highlights of the week....

Pulau Sapi. Just love the weather :)

Awesome buttermilk buns on the left at a coffeeshop in KK with the initials "KWH"

Coconut cake & chocolate brownie from Delicious, 1U.

Lamb Ragout Spaghetti @ Tanzini, G-Tower

Pan Baked Omega3 Fishthingimajg @ Tanzini, G-Tower

Tiramisu, Butter Cake & Carrot Cake @ Haute Cafe, Plaza Damas

Highlights of the week!

Pulau Sapi, Sabah

Finishers Medal & Shirt
@ Borneo International Marathon 2011 (Kota Kinabalu)

Coconut Cake & Choc Brownie
@ Delicious 1U