Tuesday, May 31, 2011

This is Day 5

As I lay coughing my lungs out in bed the past few days, I felt the whole world collapsing. Each cough flashes a ring of light around my eyeballs. Like a halo. Each cough makes my body curl up so bad, I get cramps in my abdomen & stomach. Each cough, makes me tear and weary. My head hurts. My head, hurts.The throbbing gets worse as the day comes to an end. It is an effort to go to bed. Each night, I thank Him for what I have today especially the people around me.

This is Day 5.

As the nights pass, I think back on the great day I had. Well-spent with friends and most importantly, family. Sometimes I can't help but think, that I'm .... 

As my father's birthday creeps in slowly, I anticipate excitement and perhaps some element of fear. Our parents are getting older and requires more care and concern. Not just physical care but also the psychological part of it.  They've taken care of us for the whole 30 years that we're alive, and it is and always has been our responsibility to take care of them. 

My parents live a healthier life than any of us. They project vigour, strength and energy. I look up to them for inspiration, in hopes to always make them proud of us in anything we do. We cannot let them down. We cannot let ourselves down. Just get the tempo going and don't give up. Appreciate the love and care from the people around us and always give the benefit of the doubt.

Keep striving. Keep walking. Keep.at.it. Life's short. I hope the people around me are loving what they do. Keep the energy in the Universe flowing upwards. Spread the joy, spread the love. 

Live, love, and laugh. For you only live once.

This is Day 5, anticipating Day 6.

Blessed :) 

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