Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sights, Sounds and Nomnoms of India! (2)

Sago with potatoes and spices.
I like this dish very much. Texture is rubbery yet fun to eat! Normally served with cold yoghurt.

Masala Dosa

The Train (Mumbai-Pune)
The aircon was really strong. Drama on the train ensued when a passenger on the Reserved list took a seat of a Confirmed passenger. Just like in the movies...except no fist-throwing or dancers coming out from the seats.

Care for a Shoe-Shine ?
People even shine their "leather sandals"

Breakfast on the floor

One of the many snack/food stalls at the train station.
Was so tempted to eat something but thought twice about it.

Platform 1 at Dadar CST Station

The porch of Karishma Hotel
Yes, it IS a hotel! 

The Deluxe, Centralized A/C room
Centralized A/C means a regular aircon in the walkway, blowing into the door-top vent of every room!
Definitely not the Centralized A/C we have in our offices!


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