Friday, November 9, 2012

Midnight Scare

Woke up at 140am with a sharp pain on my lower right abdomen area. I felt my whole area being pulled apart and being stabbed with. At that point, I couldn't even stand up straight. I was crouched over to the right like a spineless zombie.

I got out of bed towards the sofa and just laid down. Knees to my chest. Head in my hands. I felt cold. Tried to distract myself from the pain. Immediately informed my clients of the day that I am not well and apologized for it.

Really glad and thank goodness for S who was online. Chatted with her for a bit and she was ready to take me to the hospital immediately. But after an hour, I realised the pain had subsided and I could somewhat bear the pain. Occasionally, there was some pain at the lower back area too.

There was no more sharp pain, but an uncomfortable nagging sour pain on the right side just next to the hip bone. I stayed on the couch til 4am and finally retreated back to bed. Till 7am I was tossing and turning with that pain still nagging me.

Texted Dr Sanjay and booked 9am. Went to see him. Did the regular abdominal check etc and blood check for fear of kidney stones. I haven't been diligent in drinking enough water recently and perhaps that could be a reason of the pain. But I was more worried about having appendicitis and having to undergo keyhole surgery. That would take my training time away.

So after the check and all, I was given muscle relaxants as Dr said it was tense/tight muscles acting up.

I went back and rested.

3 things I thought about when I was lying on the sofa in pain:
1) Nothing matters at that point - not even my sessions, what my boss thinks, or whether I'll hit my target.
2) If I die today, I wish my parents and partner will be able to accept this.
3) I just want to know what is the cause of this!!!

Have you ever seen a kidney stone? Here is what it looks like:
A color photograph of a kidney stone, 8 millimeters in diameter.

Now that I am back home, with egg tarts for my loved ones, I need some rest. 

Mental and physical rest.


Hope Solo doing tire flips.