Monday, April 27, 2009


Happy birthday my dear sister! Hope we have many more happy and crazeee moments together. I think this pic says it all...

To my dear sister - wishing you only EXCELLENCE in everything you do, that you receive only the best that life can offer you - be it challenging or easy! - and lastly, to give and receive love to the people around you just as how He does.

Stay strong, crappy and cute. (Just like me.) :)

I love you.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

my apologies...

to those thee may have created defeat in thy hearts, minds and souls. We only live once. There's no time for sins, grudges or ill-hatred. Nor dejection, rejection or negative thoughts. All is forgiven by the Saviour. Blessings for the week ahead my friends. Make it your best life ever!

It Was A Great Day...and then......

Today was a great day! Started off really really well! At the park, run, training, lunch, work(x100), dinner and party...

On the other hand, God sent me a revelation...

Something that hurts more than pain itself.

I can't tell yet but at this moment...I have my fears.

I cannot lose. I don't want to.

I will hang tough and not give up hope.

Please don't take him away from me.



Dear Lord, please grant me the strength to face my fears. However tough it will be, let me handle it with my hand in Yours. You have always succeeded, and this will be another miracle. Dear Lord, please keep me close to my destiny You have written for me. I pray in humbleness and humility, that what I know will guide me smoothly and gracefully.
Dear Lord, please grant me the courage to rest peacefully...with a peaceful mind.

Friday, April 24, 2009


Wow, it's been more than a week since i last wrote my thoughts here! Here i am today, typing at lightning speed on my cool device, another portion of my life. Without a doubt, everyday that has passed, has been wonderful!
What's important to me, has brought me closer to God. My Strength, My Saviour. It doesn't end at the 4-walls, but it reaches out to mankind, the people around. The kindness extends beyond relativity, and all extremities, for God, is great. I am looking forward to many more moments that He will bring forth a movement, filled with love and success.
Blessings of peace and happiness, everyone. . . Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

MY pictures

MY cake.

MY cake too.

MY cupcakes.

MY store

MY river







Not my toilet !!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

RPM 43 Sizzler

Pace and push – or speed and resistance management – are the main focuses of RPM™ 43. You'll be introduced to the concept of base resistance versus working resistance and in Tracks 2, 4 and 6 you'll be managing your resistance to help you stay on the beat for longer. This, combined with some awesome new music, will really get that heart racing! You're eased into the workout with Ne-Yo's Closer. Take the time to set up the correct cycling position and become familiar with the base and working resistance. Your heart rate will lift in Track 2 with the two one-minute intervals. Katy Perry's Hot n Cold will have you singing along before the hard work hits in Track 3. The Killers'Spaceman will help you through the three short, steep phases which are followed by one power effort. Snow Patrol's Take Back The City is a great track to catch your breath to during the cruisy climbs but get ready to push yourself in the sprints. The Prodigy are in the house driving Track 5 – a big song, big sound and intense interval training track. There are four efforts on the flats in the hardest gear which will have you gasping for air. You get the chance to flush your legs and recover in Track 6 – but don't get too comfortable as there are two big, one-minute speed work-efforts. The key to surviving Track 7 is to manage your intensity wisely. Go big but pace yourself as you'll need to put in a huge effort to make it to the top. Two short 30-second efforts are followed by two 90-second strength endurance phases. Your hard work is rewarded with a ride home to Broken Strings – James Morrison's beautiful hit featuring Nelly Furtado.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Today I Was In Pain

That i felt like I was gonna die today.
I couldn't breathe or laugh properly.

I felt I could've died.


What was weird was that I saw my life just zoom before me in a flash.

Maybe it is a sign of things to come.