Thursday, May 28, 2009

whataday! :-)

yup! Workout was a blast. Double unders and snatches were my
challenges today that I thought 'Hmm.. Wonder what would be the
outcome with these shoes and wonderful hands...'

Cravings for lesser floor space and speed of potential plasters earned
me a time of close to 9mins :-) was ok, could be better, and could've
saved some skin!

Then after that, felt a bit gatal and did 3-quarters of Angie. :-)
felt the energy coming thru th sit ups and squats. Push ups? Lets just
say 5 is a lucky number for me today :-)

On the whole, I just felt really good after the wod and had a fun and
effective training time...

And tomorrow will be a better performance day :-) can't wait!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's been a GREAT week!

After all our hard work for the past 6 months, our burpee challenge finally came to an end!

We celebrated recently with a "200-burpee for time" workout and it was great! ALL of us finished sub-20mins!!! :)

Great work everyone! Salute your effort and perseverance in making it through!

Here's a snapshot post workout. You won't believe how fit these guys are now.

(Photo courtesy of PushMore Fitness Center)

Well, on a side note, I can't wait for this weekend to begin! In fact, it starts this evening itself!

Happy Weekend peeps!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Praying very hard that it comes true.
It's not alot.
It's just a single prayer.
You've done this before, You can do it again.

Thursday, May 14, 2009




After getting info from trusted sources and shown the proof, this person doesn't have a life. Lets name this person PAIN IN THE ASS (PITA). Probably PITA doesn't have a life or high chances leads a boring lifestyle which is so predictable.

I'm happily attached and so STOP invading my privacy! Stay away from my friends and family.

Go and stalk someone else lah. Stop bugging me bloody PITA!!!

You know what, go and milk a cow. Satisfaction guaranteed.