Thursday, May 28, 2009

whataday! :-)

yup! Workout was a blast. Double unders and snatches were my
challenges today that I thought 'Hmm.. Wonder what would be the
outcome with these shoes and wonderful hands...'

Cravings for lesser floor space and speed of potential plasters earned
me a time of close to 9mins :-) was ok, could be better, and could've
saved some skin!

Then after that, felt a bit gatal and did 3-quarters of Angie. :-)
felt the energy coming thru th sit ups and squats. Push ups? Lets just
say 5 is a lucky number for me today :-)

On the whole, I just felt really good after the wod and had a fun and
effective training time...

And tomorrow will be a better performance day :-) can't wait!

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