Monday, June 8, 2009

good monday!

i had a great weekend yet again! One of those 'lets do it again!' weekends that seem to flow into a monday that you wake up thinking 'oh's monday already...' Nevertheless, work today was as smooth as silk.. The occasional hunger pangs struck after lunch since i had my lovely- and-yummy-ever-favourite secret dish that left me wanting more. Guess that was a sign of a good appetite!

Talking about appetite, we went for egg tart hunting on sunday. Got this really nice ones from 'Sin Mei' chinese restaurant place that sells kaya siew pows. Orgasmic kaya, but flat dough. Ahyoyo. I just whacked it since was already feeling hungry. Crazy right. If everyone just ate that, we'd all be noobs!

Oh boy. Starting to zonk out now. I need to energize.

I want my coffee!

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