Monday, June 8, 2009


Siao ah not compulsory!?

Heard over the radio that the Education Ministry is still gathering information from the public to determine if English should be made a compulsory pass in SPM.

Reason that English SHOULDN'T be made compulsory: Rural area students might fail the subject.

I think it's BOLLOCKS! I mean, WTF go and hire English teachers for the rural areas! If you want to reduce unemployment rates, increase productivity of the country and most importantly produce SMART LOCAL graduates, then spend a bit of money on training lah.

English is so easy to learn what...since these smart buggers can translate English-BM like this: Expedition=ekspedisi ... why can't they just translate BM-English? Eg Direktor = Director.

But to our dear DPM Education Minister, I think you should stand on your opinion that English should be made compulsory. Screw the other people who think otherwise!

Mockeries of the Malaysian morning.

Even my coffee decided to go back to bed.

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