Sunday, June 14, 2009

Good Sunday!

Just had my coffee and bun...Mom made it :) Nothing could be better than this. Thanks Ma, you always know how to make us happy - each and every time! :)
Yesterday was a great day. Decided to take my new guy out yesterday for our first maiden road trip. He was pretty nervous at the start, but towards the end, he displayed excellent control and handling. In fact, his performance was wayyy better than expected. Couple of swerves and turns with a few tiny hills and long pulls... in the end, we turned up A-OK. Back to our starting location after a few hours of hard work. To my dear Se1 Fei Lo - we will do it again! And this time, we will go further.
Happy week ahead peeps!


hock said...

wah got yr sei fei lo already. new anatomy for your new guy also?

LynnX said...

hock: yeah feilo darn lengchai... la not new anatomy!