Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Please be early!

Today, I had to highlight to someone that that person was late.

I dreaded the moment that arrived in the car. Just had to open my mouth and speak out. Else I'd get upset and give the silent treatment(which i hate). I always believe in being honest, but being direct to the point is another thing. Unlike some other people, I really, really, don't like to tell someone what they were "wrong" at. Rather, what they could improve on.

The one thing I do not accept is being late. That's being disrespectful to the other party. I will always be ready by the time my pick up arrives cos I don't ever want them to wait. If they are early, I'll be ready. If they are late, that's SO NOT COOL!

Some people, always have excuses why they are late. If you are told 3pm, then be there by 2:59pm. Anything past the agreed time is LATE. (don't you daaaare justify that statement.....can't go wrong there.) If you are sincere to the party you agreed to, you WILL try your best to be there earlier than time.

So, ask yourself, have you been honest with your time?
Are you committed to be punctual?
Do you care enough for the other party? or it's just about you?

Here's to earlier days and respect for one another's time. :)

P.S: To Ms Squarepants, thanks for always being ready-to-go when I come by your place! :)

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