Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hot Cross Cream Puffs!

Mom was free today and she wanted to bake cream puffs in the afternoon to bring for our potluck this evening. So we started getting the ingredients and all, and weighing them, mixing them up and baking them as per the recipe.

Well, horror struck in the first batch. No we didn't burn it, nor put the wrong ingredients or missed a step... It was too diluted ! We had watered down the  base too much and ended up "flouring" it a little bit more... and because of that, it ended up looking like baked paus! LOL :) Mom thought they were really cute looking... I just thought I'd kaya-fy them and have them for breakfast !!!

Then the 2nd & 3rd batch were the best! They turned out perfectly as we wanted it to be! YES!!! Fluffy, light and not toooo buttery.. The tops were crisp and easy to fill the interior with the perfect custard concoction! The puffs look really cute...I like! :)

The custard filling was really yummy and Jaclyn wanted to just eat the filling on it's own. (which would be great!! but fattening laaa...damn yummy sugar!) But anyway, clever girl for not licking the jar clean of every single drop! :) 

I must say today's project was a success because everyone loved it! Especially the lightness and the combo with the custard. Just PERFECT! It was so addictive that once it went into the kids hands, you can say "Good Bye" to all the puffs.... GONE WITH THE WIND KIDS! 

Mom also baked a loaf of wholemeal bread with raisins & sunflower's so damn good I wanna just have that at everymeal! 

Glad I had this opportunity to make 'em with my momma! She's the best!!! I love ya Ma! Next time we'll make some cookies, pastries and everything addictive! This is indeed an excellent Sunday. :)

Cream Puffs

Wholemeal bread with raisins & sunflower seeds.


If God had intended us to follow recipes,
He wouldn't have given us grandmothers.

~Linda Henley

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