Wednesday, March 31, 2010



My wrist is all good and ready to rumble!!! :)

After a good 36hrs of rest and personal therapy which included icing and some other techniques, it's finally good to go! YEAH! No doubt I'll be really careful and all these few days with the workouts and all. Don't want to go heavy and smash my wrist again. That would be really mad!

A bit nervous about tomorrow's Trainers workout! It's an indication of where my level is at this point in time. However, my priority would be safety in technique/form.

OoOohh..Butterflies in my tummy!! Just like pre-comp days! I can't wait!!


"They're fighters and they've always come through. They've always run better at this point, so maybe me being nervous is just me being nervous. They'll do the best they can and whatever they do, I'll be proud of them."

Shari Hayes


Anonymous said...

Please take good care of your wrist!

LynnX said...

I will! Thanks!!