Tuesday, March 30, 2010


My wrist hurts....


How? Probably during the pushups that I did this evening combo-ed with deadlifts (60kg). Since I couldn't utilize my knee, I had to do something upper body since I couldn't sit/stand still. If I did "not move", something is definitely wrong!!

So, I decided on this:

10Rounds of:
21 Push Ups
12 Deadlifts

Result: 33:something.(Thanks to Ben's encouragement today, I felt "supported" despite the pain :) )

While attempting the 6th Set, I was feeling knicky in the wrist for pushups and tried to angle the wrist & elbows slightly away from the body and reversed my grip for the deadlifts to eleviate the pressure.

But it got worse! F**k.. Even typing here hurts when I aim my left pinkie for the Shift button. (I am a touch typist : I play the keys on this "piano".)

When Round 8 came, I was doing knuckle pushups! Cos I couldn't take the pain anymore! Each time I put my palms down, the nerves just shot a message up my brains to just "STOP MOVING!!!". Had to take longer breaks to rest the wrist... On the otherhand, deadlifts were OK surprisingly! BUT, it's so demotivating when you wanna go strong with something yet you gotta bite your tongue and hang on tight! The pain was just nagged me down.

By the time I completed all of it, I felt defeated. The pain was so overwhelming that I wanted to just sit down in a corner and cry in hopes that the Tears of Pain will just flood away (into the jars of clay)... I iced it for a few minutes and taped my wrist up for the Foundation class.

Swollen, bump on the left side. Angry nerves in sight!


Did the class with Fashionista by my side. THANK GOD for her by my side. Else I'd be doomed by now!

Couldn't wait to get home and just continue icing it with..."FROZEN VEGETARIAN LAMB MEAT".. It was perfect for my wrist. The frozen blobs made it easy for my wrist bone to just sit in-between the pieces... LOL! Yeah it's slightly better now and I'll go check in on Oriental tomorrow.

Well, I'm taking my rest for this week! Been working p-r-e-t-t-t-t-y-y hard the past few months and think it's time to take a break. If you know me well......You'll know what I'll do. :D

P/S:Thanks to Fashionista for being my ready assistant! Really appreciate it so much! 

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