Monday, April 19, 2010


My newfound respect. He's almost 60 years old. Yet, he's showed the MOST fluidity and LEAST effort to drag that sledge with 90lbs weights on it. When I pulled it, I felt like an overweight tiger. ROARING at first but then struggling to engage my legs - my quads, hammies and butt - just ain't moving in accordance to nature! 

What else did he do?
1) Foot-hooked a 8kg KB and did side swings till his waist. 
2) Hanging twists without cringing in pain
3) Smiled at us with a look of  "HAHA, you guys are suffering cos you're doing the POSE" - yeah i mean this guy has a sharp eye and a sense of movement.

He runs with ease, smooth cadences and perfectly effortless. There is no huffing and puffing from the tiredness of the body, except that at his age, running at that speed is uncommon. FAST. QUICK FEET. Quick THINKING. It's happening right in front of my eyes. YET, I can't believe it. My mind is playing tricks on me. He seems indestructible, humble and knowledgeable. I am utterly awed and have full respect for this guy.

WAIT. It's my perception. How I perceive this movement. How I think he moved. How did he run so EASILY and without a drop of sweat. HOW DO I POSE RUN? How long would I need to unlearn and learn this new method of running? 

POSE. FALL. PULL (Repeat till perfection) 

This was JUST for running. I have so many other questions. What about deadlifts? Muscle Ups? Back Squats? Badminton? Football?

The MAIN question is: When would I "get it"?
Here's a reply from their FB site:  "The average time frame is somewhere around 2 weeks up to 2-4 months, but a lot depends on you personally - many things to consider. If you have years of previous training for running - might be tough, you'll have to take your time re-learning. If you have inadequate strength for running (hips, hams, calves, etc) - you'll have to develop it. If you have various 'mental blocks' (like fixating on things, trying to hard, thinking too much about each element, etc) - you'll have to sort them out before you see actual progress with actual running. There is a lot at play. While it's the same technique that suits everyone and works for any distance - all of us are different coming from 'different places'. Through all of that it's important to remember that this running technique is SIMPLE while it might not be easy for some. However some grasp it in matter of minutes... so it all depends on you and your ability to learn. From experience I can tell you that most of the time mental blocks are the hardest to overcome but once you get even a glimpse of "a-ha moment" when everything clicks (and you WILL feel it, you will definitely know it when it'll happen) you will know what to strive for and you will continue to improve rapidly from that point on."

Departed with a new found energy. A new perspective. A new belief.
Rekindled memories of my training days. Hurdles, Sprints and the 400m. 
Torturous training sessions, military yet brings results.
The smallest in size, yet the strongest in mind.

Thanks Dr Romanov for all your advice, philosophy on life and teachings!

"Don’t oppose forces. Use them."
 –Buckminster Fuller

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