Tuesday, February 24, 2009

WOD 022409

3 Rounds for time of :

21 KB/DB Overhead Squats @ 20kg, L
15 Pull Ups
21 KB/DB Overhead Squats @ 20kg, R
15 Pull Ups

Result: 21:12 (KB@12kg)

This was a great workout! The challenge would be to maintain good form & range for every rep. Also, to keep the KB from twisting whilst at max heigh position with "active shoulders".The KB would always lose it's positioning if my shoulders weren't stable.

The most common assumption about OH squats was that ppl can carry their regular squat weight. BUT, unbeknowing to them, the stabilizers are the key factor to heavy OH squats. The abs and back play a crucial role in maintaining a mid-line stabilization. Without this, your KB would either fall forward or back. And the body would follow suit. 

By the end of it, my shoulders felt like they were at earth's end and could fall off at anytime. My lower back was slightly sore but it's ok now. I only did 12kg anyway. Light light weights to start off! Next time I will attempt the OH Squats at 30lbs! :)
Can't wait for another killer wod like this! :)

Photo courtesy of PushMore Fitness Center

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