Wednesday, February 25, 2009


3 rounds for time of:

Run 400m
21 KB Swing @ 24kg(M), 16kg(W)
12 Pull Ups

Result: 11:51 (KB @ 20kg)

This was an improvement from the last time I did it on Dec 5th 2008 at which I took 12:33 to complete with a 16kg KB. I felt I oculd've done better if not for the 2 unfortunate events that JUST had to bugger my body.

1) Stomach discomfort due to nasi ayam masak merah for lunch 3hrs before training. I couldn't run fast for the fear I would just throw up. I was very cautious during the swings. I hate thrown-up throw ups!

2) Sore right lats. Can't explain what happened. Once I started the pull ups, my lats was screaming in agony! I just had to fight the pain and carry on till the very end. Even SzeNing realised I was in pain. Man. Bad bad bad......must recover soon... This cannot go onnnnn!

My goodness. This was the first time I actually knelt down after a WOD to "stabilise" my stomach. Usually I would just be standing and stretching right after the WOD! ARghhhh...this was the worst feeling ever...

Next time - no more spicy food before a WOD!!!

Wait a minute!! Does this mean spicy food induces faster WOD time???

What do you think?? Post thoughts to comments.

KB Swing at 20kgs.

Pull Ups. Sore right lats after that...

*All photos courtesy of PushMore

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