Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Truth

It was a few weeks ago when you asked me "Why am I not going to work today?" - when you don't work that day. It was unusual. It was surprising. You then said you couldn't really see properly at night especially when it's dark with no street lights. Then you kept forgetting where you kept your things. And you asked if that ringtone was mine or yours, when everyone knows that THAT ringtone belongs to you.  Occasionally you'd leave the door unlocked nor closed, and forget that you didn't close it. And you misplace your keys way too often.

I am scared to know the truth but I think I do know what it may turn out to be. Fear, I do. I'm not sure if they notice. I spend the most time with you. I get really upset and angry when I'm sad. I ask why? Why???

These days, I don't ask why. I ask how can I make it easier for you. But I know I get emotional at times and take it upon myself and suck it all in. It would be hard for me to accept the truth. Everyone knows that.

But you know what? I love you and I always will, and I'll do whatever it takes to make you happy. You are already happy with what we have, but I'll make it better. We will make it better.



Julia Tan said...

OWH! Jack Jack ^^

LynnX said...

Julia: LOL...not jackjack laa... hahaha