Saturday, July 3, 2010

Schwartz Crossfit

Had great & unforgettable training sessions at Schwartzs Crossfit Melbourne. All thanks to the trainers below, and also to Darren who showed me how to rope climb!

I still remember the first time I went there when we had to do Ring Dips. And I just went out all the way and bantai-ed the workout. I was in Group 1. 1 week later, I was up into Group 2.I didn't expect to be placed into Group 2, yet I did my best and it turned out well, to my wishes!

Thanks for all the positive encouragement, gentle guidance and the extra tips to get that one rep! If you guys are coming by Malaysia, please do drop by our box!

"I'll be baaackk!" (ala Terminator)

Benji Schwartz
aka The Boss

Ben Evans
aka SuperTall

Chris Hogan
aka The Quiet Achiever
aka Crossfit Games Australasian Qualifiers 2010 Champ

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