Wednesday, November 9, 2011

PushMore Games 2011 Series #3

On 29th October 2011, Saturday, 8 PushMore athletes. 3 Judges, 2 spotters and 1 challenge.

To accomplish a new personal record for their Back Squat, Press & Deadlift.

Athletes had 3 lifts to be considered for the award of either the Highest Absolute Total or the Highest Relative (to Bodyweight) Total . If a lift "fails", it is not considered as a lift. Each lifter had 60 seconds to complete the lift.

After all the lifts, we finally ended with some amazing results!

She says she smiles the same...all the time.  
The Female Absolute Champ: Julia Tan!

Trying to look sane. But she still looks the same! 

Ah Boey, The Absolute Champ and I

With the Female Absolute Champ: Huey Teng!

Posing with the Male Absolute & Relative Champ: Mr Moo.

The Awesome PushMore Family!!

For more pics, click here.

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Anonymous said...

Loving the first pic. Hahahaha.