Saturday, June 5, 2010

Think your team is supportive?

"The crew from Iceland, for example, was like a pack of
Arctic dogs. They moved together, ate together, woke,
slept and breathed together. When one was competing,
all were competing.It felt like the entire island was raining down
around us.

During the runs, they were chasing each other around the course,
shouting encouragement and epithets to the point that I
doubt any competitor would dare not finish. After every
event they crowded around offering congratulations and
conciliation. In between they hung together, strategizing,
laughing and refueling for the next challenge.

Support like this can have enormous benefit because,
by spreading the burden over many shoulders, the
individual feels less alone. He can drown out pressure,
nerves, doubt and even pain. It gives him pride in himself
and in the group he represents, offering one more reason
not to quit when things get tough.

A network of support like this would never forge itself so
quickly in the real world, but it seems almost commonplace
in this community.

It’s a truism that a reciprocal relationship
exists between the impact we have on a group and
that which it has on us. Some guys are built of fire and
brimstone and need that type of environment to excel.
Others prefer cooler heads with less distractions. Some
seek both. In any case, finding the right balance makes
a huge difference."

¬ Blair Morrison 

"The vastness of space creates opportunities for those who seek."

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