Wednesday, June 23, 2010

10 Things Your Trainer Wants You To Know

  1. Be On Time: We love you guys, but showing up late holds up class, causes spillover into another class, or worse, Marcus has to stay until o’dark thirty to close up (I know, work can be a major contributor, and we’ll be as understanding as possible…on occasion).
  2. Recovery, recovery, recovery: Come in early or on rest days to roll and stretch if you can’t do it at home. Gains will NOT happen without active recovery.
  3. Eat Primal/Paleo: Do. It. Now. You want to shave a minute off a benchmark WOD, add 50# to your DL/BS/BP, fit into your skinny jeans (ladies), flaunt the summer body, live longer, etc? Ditch the grains and sugar.
  4. Keep Brutus off your back: If you haven’t met Brutus yet, he’s the CFI “Enforcer” who sends emails when you don’t pay your membership. Brutus is shy but ruthless.
  5. Don’t Lie: Is your shoulder pain due to soreness? Overuse? Old football injury? If we don’t know, we can’t help-or god forbid, we make it worse.
  6. Don’t Cheat: Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect. There’s nothing better than slaughtering your last benchmark knowing every rep was legit! It’s been said that it takes 10,000 correct movements to build muscle memory. Don’t inadvertently build bad muscle memory!
  7. Be kind to the equipment AND each other: I know that medball is just made to drop kick, but it’s your stuff too, so go easy on the equipment unless it’s a slamball! Or Brutus will drop kick you. Also, encouraging each other during wods is good. Positive trash talking is good. Heckling is bad so don’t call out “no reps” unless told to. Or Brutus will drop kick you.
  8. You guys inspire us to be better: The questions you guys ask about your personal fitness goals; watching you gut it through tough wods; hearing you encourage each other; seeing your gains over the previous weeks. All these things inspire us to research and learn, to work out harder, and to program better.
  9. We get warm fuzzies when you PR: Then we begin the trainer phone tree texts of your accomplishments. Becky’s handstand, Jake’s first 300# deadlift work set, Dustin finding his OHS, Jason’s new front squat, Drew’s new double unders, and the list goes on. We get so excited, we have to share it with each other. We feel like proud parents every time.
  10. This is a lifelong journey: Our goal is for you to be wodding into your golden years, alongside your grandchildren. Attack each workout like it’s your last, but know that you can stand to back off if you’re injured. You have time to reach your fitness goals, so long as you aren’t taking two steps back.
Courtesy of :Crossfit Intrepid

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Sze Ning said...

I will strive to make you feel warm fuzzies! (I know, that sounds a bit salah)