Sunday, January 31, 2010

Just TWO for today.

My 5lbs weighted pull up assistant. 
8kgs was a little too heavy that day so decided to go lighter and save my shoulder. Thank goodness I did that since Saturday's workout was pretty nasty. I added on a couple of snatches too :)
Note to self: No "kipping kiaps" in future!

Mud Pie!
Our reward for a fun, frenzied and whacky weekend! All thanks to someone! Hard work does pays off drastically! Most importantly when your pillars of motivation and drive are strong and solid! Having the right person by your side will help alot!

This week will start early! The word for this week is :COURAGEOUS. I've got a whole list of stuff to accomplish! Well, most of them brand new and pretty challenging... I got a bit of fear in me y'know! Let's stay positive and source for the best results to emerge! I can't wait to start Monday! YEAH!!! :)

Have a productive week ahead people! 

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