Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Day 6

New batch came in today.

Interesting to note, the one who said "I'm gonna give it all I've got" kicked the bucket first. Why? Cos that's all he had. The one who was the "fittest" had flexibility issues and issues listening to instructions. Either I wasn't clear or direct enough or I spoke too much that it was TMI, or maybe the person thought their methods are the best. No, I'm not saying my methods are the best in the world, but simple instructions like don't drink too much during the workout else you'll puke.

In the end, they all survived! With a few sores here and there, but nothing major to worry about! What we as trainers look for is safety, compliance and understanding.

Safety is priority. Nothing else matters. You can be the fittest in your class, the strongest in your weight group or the most intelligent in your alma mater. But when you step into the box, YOUR SAFETY is OUR PRIORITY. You need to rush for time? Don't bother going heavy. You wanna show off to the hot chick that just walked in,? Sorry, please step out and make a date with her.

I want you to step in, complete the workout, and step out - INJURY FREE. I want to see you tomorrow, and the day after, and the next.... Injuries will set you back for weeks or months. I.AM.NOT.KIDDING. Speak to any experienced athlete and they will be honest with you.

LIFT SAFE. LIFT SMART. God gave you 2 brains. Please, use it wisely.

See you tomorrow.

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