Monday, October 31, 2011

Oh Melaka, you make me wet.

Kite flying at Klebang - notice the red and black dots in the middle and the sea background at the back.

Chicken Rice Balls(yam & normal), braised eggs, vege and steamed chicken. We ordered otak-otak to top it off. Damn yummy!


This place is owned by Ken's parents. They make their pineapple tarts fresh. Strongly recommend!
If you didn't know, Ken's this awesome dude at PushMore!

The homemade kuih home in Tengkera produces and supplies the largest quantity(choices & sales) to the whole of Melaka. This layout of kuih in his kitchen area of his home is just a portion of what he has to offer. Try going to his place one day and you'll be amazed! 

Coconut Shake Stall @ Klebang

A whole cuppa coconut goodness. All you need is cocunut meat, coconut water, ice and ice-cream. Blend it all together and VOILA!

The "Special" and the regular(as shown above)
The "Special" includes a a scoop (or 2) of ice cream on the top!

Satay Babi @ Kota Laksamana

Just a warm up... The sauce was really nice! They also served pork liver satay. Good source of iron!

Tandoori @ Pak Putra, Kota Laksamana
Tender and juicy meat. CANNOT find in KL!

Cheese naan, Garlic naan

Putu Piring @ Tengkera
One piece is RM0.90 but the size is about 2inches in diameter - Filled with original gula melaka and topped with fresh coconut! This is TO DIE FOR!!! OMG!

Pokey things to make putu piring

 Praline Chocolate and Run & Raisin Crepe Cake @ Nadeje, Pahlawan Square

Duck Noodles store that opens only in the evenings. Here, you see the side lines or balls, poks and strips. Totally forgot to take a pic of the noodles itself!

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