Sunday, January 30, 2011

January 31st

Today I write with the feeling of thanks and acknowledgement for the people around me who have been supporting, helping and advising me on STEPS. Not only those who are in front of me, but those who are far away and leave tiny hints & messages along the way. For your presence in my life, I thank you! And I am appreciative of everything that has been done.

Acknowledgement and acceptance are two different things. I will acknowledge something which I unnecessarily not accept it, nor tolerate it. Why? Because it is against my principle.

An error is a deviation from the standard.

Hence, based on my upbringing and my experiences, I do go through emotions and ways that some people may not understand. Pretty strict about certain things, yet some others, I couldn't be bothered as long as it doesn't affect my wellbeing and those around me. Speak as you wish. Think as you wish. Yet, you bear the consequences of your actions. 

Do not let your feelings and emotions dictate your actions. Stay committed to the goal/dream and work towards it despite any challenges in the way.

Sometimes it's a step in the dark. Sometimes it's just a smack on the head. 

On this very day, I pray hard that I need not go through emotions that are self-destructive ie.sensitivity and self-culling. so that I can live a happy life. And I also pray that the people around me are happy with what they are doing and not be so "guilt-causing". I guess such people are in my life for a reason, so that I learn to be a better person and know how to deal with such people. Somedays, I shed tears of sadness for I wasn't able to help them be AWARE of what they are doing...sometimes it hurts me too much to say things that I just don't bother saying it nor repeating it will turn to water. 

Having said that, I have a keep..or to leave...

At this's to leave...

To better days, and feel good days....

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Anonymous said...

Hey, just randomly pass by your blog. You are such a good hearted person. I hope you'll find peace in your life. Never leave your true nature of enjoying to help others. When you do things that betray who you are, it can become very difficult to recognize yourself. Best of luck!