Friday, November 5, 2010

Childish vs Childlike

I've had a great Friday so far that started out with a good training session in the morning, hi-tea with my family and most importantly, time to myself to reflect...

Well, one of the interesting issues that popped up was about partners, duration and maintaining the 'youthfulness' of the relationship. The topic of differentiating childish vs childlike came up...and sometimes, people (as much as they say they wanna learn) don't listen for the meaning for whatever reasons... Most of the time, they "hear" the spoken words, and not really grasping the meaning behind the words.

Childish and childlike have 2 different meanings. More often than not, it gets twisted, misinterpreted and people do get annoyed unfortunately! Patience is such a virtue in such instances...

I believe everyone has their developmental phase. Some people just get to their destination sooner. If you are one of those who are confused, try having a conversation with a 7-yr old and you will be able to tell the difference between the two words! Quite interesting I must say...!

Anyway, Mr Godin sent this recently and do feel free to forward it:

"Childlike makes a great scientist.
Childish produces tantrums.
Childlike brings fresh eyes to marketing opportunities.
Childish rarely shows up as promised.
Childlike is fearless and powerful and willing to fail.
Childish is annoying.
Childlike inquires with a pure heart.
Childish is merely ignored."

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