Sunday, May 9, 2010

What a Sunday!

Firstly, I wanna wish my momma a Happy Mothers Day! Cos without you, I will not be here, and I wouldn't have had what I have, be who I am today and have the honor to be your daughter! Even though I get pretty anal with the kitchen, cars and dishes I love you always! No doubt I act like the "mother" in the house sometimes! I think the longer I live, the more I become like her, and I'm proud of it!

Today was the PushMore Games! First time ever! Had been planning this event for a couple of weeks now and have had a few sleepless nights and made many phone calls and emails just to ensure this event went smoothly! My fear/worry was that I missed out/overlooked/forgot to do something on that day. Or that something may just pop out in the way...yeah, well, the usual worry that I always had since the yesteryears of event management. (Yeah I am a worrywart cos I am so particular over things!)

Result? Success! From the pre-event, briefing, event start, marshaling, score tabulations, food, prize presentation till the close, it was SMOOTH. It all went as planned and I'm glad my "what-ifs" didn't happen. I mean, cos anything can happen right? My main concern is safety. Safety of the participants - free from environment, mental and physical harm.I wanted everyone to leave feeling like they conquered the whole world yet safe, sound and sans injuries! So gotta make sure all the "what-ifs" are addressed. (And not forgotting the "threats" received after posting the Games Teasers and the revelation of the WODs on the blog!)

Right now, after the being on my feet the whole morning, I am so glad to be sitting down and enjoying my cupcake! I had about 15 sticks of yakitori from Kushi Q from LG,Tropicana City Mall near SS2. That was my only proper meal (till now) for the day. My apple at 10am felt like teeth pickings! From 3pm till 10pm today, it's gonna be an abnormal eating day with some sugar, noodles, oil and dairy stuff. Perhaps I'll get to have ice-cream tonight! :D

And finally, congratulations to all the winners and participants today! You guys gave it your best, every drop of sweat and skin that you lost today was worth it! I couldn't be more proud of you all! Give yourselves a pat on the back for a workout well done and get some REST! Seeing the faces of the participants going through and completing the workouts gave me a sense of happiness. People progress, people get stronger and most importantly, their mental attitude gets stronger. The inner athlete and warrior grows. For the strong will only survive and thrash competition!

Have a great week ahead people! :)

Achievement Poster

"What really matters is what you do with what you have."
Shirley Lord 

On a side note, my wish for 2010 is to say goodbye to the "ten dinosaurs"


Mike Tee said...

Yeeehhhh it was awesome! Great job to the team!

LynnX said...

Thanks Mikey! Hope you've picked up your body parts after being "rammed by a truck" yesterday! :)