Sunday, July 26, 2009


It has been a CRAZY 2 weeks.CRAZEE I TELL YOU!

Started from Sunday, July12th...till yesterday. The journey was literally more than 1000km and worth more than the assets of Bill Gates. No, but really - these 2 weeks were PRICELESS!

The roller coaster of events and emotions has been overwhelming that I look back in wonder how all these miracles were created.

I met alot of people I never knew I would have contact with. Respectable people with ranks. The rich and mightly yet humble and generous. And obviously identifying the "fakers" ... some of which double confirmed my hypothesis.

I went to the SAME place MANY times in a week - that never did ever attempt and will never do it again in future. Very, very tiring mentally and physically. I think my total sleep time that week was sub-30 hours. CRAZEEEE!!!

I saw many interesting sights which took me in awe - sunrises, sunsets, beautiful sceneries and most importantly - beautiful people. Not those who "look good" but those who make you feel good so you want to do better next time.

  • People that encourage and support you till you get to the podium.
  • People that always say "YOU CAN DO IT!" even if you don't know them.
  • People that push you to your limits and making sure you break your limits.
  • People who stand by you all the way. From beginning till end - despite any shit that comes along.

Not forgetting the crazee things, makan sessions and long hours! All thanks to my partners in crime.

Like what one of them says :-


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